Lisa Maione, Oklahoma State University

This presentation presents a reflective portrait of an international design collective, giving dimension to the operations engaged, the work produced, and the research collected over the course of a year, and shares the goals for the next year. With the Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, the Netherlands as a geographic anchor (2016-2017 residency), the group made use of asynchronous and synchronous collaboration methods to work through the complexities and conflicts of language, negotiation and identity.

Fazed Grunion is a design collective that researches collaboration and develops methods to create opportunities for participation, dialogue and action. The collective functions as a constellation of designers based around the world who are able to propose and participate in projects. Any member may propose a project, any member may participate. As a network, Fazed Grunion is interested in the spaces between autonomy and collaboration, models of utopia, the potential of collaborative work, and the experience and labor of working together. In addition to internal projects, the collective seeks opportunities to work with external partners and institutions through focused workshops, curatorial projects and long-term research.


Lisa Maione is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Oklahoma State University.