Andrew DeRosa, Queens College, CUNY

Participatory action research (PAR) seeks to drive actionable social change by involving community members as collaborative co-researchers. This workshop will focus use of data visualizations generated by community members as a method in PAR to share and build on existing knowledge; understand a variety of perspectives; identify opportunities; establish collective point-of-view; build consensus; and drive decision making in a way that empowers stakeholders. With crossover in practice between social sciences, the humanities, and a variety of design subsets; there are opportunities for designers to use data visualization-based PAR for cross-disciplinary digital and non-digital scholarship alike.

Using the themes of the conference as prompts, workshop participants will work together as co-researchers exploring collective knowledge and experience regarding design, research, education, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Through a step-by-step iterative process we will gather, order, and visualize information; and engage in a process of collaborative sense-making. Using simple, non-digital tools, participants will create a large diagram that will visualize data and illuminate patterns, themes, opportunities, and insights. The workshop will conclude with a discussion about planning and executing similar PAR in a variety of contexts. No experience, laptops, or other materials necessary.


Andrew DeRosa is a Brooklyn-based communication designer. He received an MFA in 2D Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art, and a BFA from University of Colorado in Boulder. His practice balances professional design work, self-initiated projects, and design education. Professionally, Andrew has completed projects for IDEO, Jerry Seinfeld, Whole Foods Market, Showtime Networks, and the Tribeca Film Festival, among others. His work has been been featured nationally in group exhibitions at venues such as the Cranbrook Art Museum in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; and the Autzen Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Andrew’s work has been featured in publications such as Guide To Graphic Design by Scott W. Santoro. He has lectured on a variety of design-related topics, most recently at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Andrew has taught courses at Queens College since 2009, as well as at New York University, and the University of Detroit Mercy.